Tidal melodies

Isaac Hollander McCreery, 24 October 2016

The tidal melodies fill this room,
Vibrations of air become currents
That lift my body, once heavy, now light
Out of the brackish depths.

My chest a buoy, back arched, like when
You kissed me last night and I writhed,
But now I’m here, now still, now soft,
These sounds soaking steady into me.

Lift me out, lift me out, after this long, dark drowning,
Your light touch is enough to pull me.
The saline of the chords: they shine transparent
And silvery in the light of the morning.

Wake me, take me, make me anew
Pull me up, out of this darker place.
Breathe new life into me, sweet music,
Pull me out of these underwater caves.