Isaac Hollander McCreery 24 October 2016

The sinews in my chest
Whine and pluck
As my diaphragm
Lunges down, forward, and out under my ribcage,
And my heart spins faster and then
Starts to hover.

I can’t bear to
Look you in the eye, it’s just
Too much in this moment
I see ochres and ceruleans and
I feel a sudden draft of air bend my scalp.

I look down to avert your gaze.

My shoulder blades part slightly,
Lift me up,
Seraph’s wings.
I am taller than I was before,

My chest explodes.
Bright sparks singe my chin and my thumbs
As I look down and
Reach forward,
I see a gaping hole in
The shirt I donned this morning,
Burnt, black and brown around the edges,
And a small flame still gasping for breath.

This is all.
This is enough.