Two Jealous Ghosts

Isaac Hollander McCreery, 12 September 2016

Two jealous ghosts will
Curl up on a porch swing. Autumn will have
Guided our skin back into its clothing cocoons, will have
Encouraged us with a hand at our backs:

Go, wrap yourselves in wools and silks, it’s
No the time for bareness.”

But we will
Replace our cold clothes with
Shrouds of darkness. We’ll
Slip under the night and
Slip off our silks, share
Time, share
Space, share

Autumn will pursue us
Three months through, but we will
Always outrun her.
We always have, right?

It’s my love of the chase that greets me with eagerness, I know we
Hug tighter and
Glow brighter
When she’s just around the bend.