Lady Autumn’s Auburn Blush

Isaac Hollander McCreery, 2 September 2016

I’m surprised at the comfort you bring to me.
When I first slept beside you, it felt pleasant:

I don’t expect I’ll ever see you again, dear,
But I find no discomfort in that.
You helped bring Autumn on,
A new rhythm that starts
After the long, long stream of consciousness,
She never pauses for breath, never,
And I get picked up,
Spun around and laid
With her.

Thank you for bringing the rain,
I needed it.

Sunshine is the rain unmasked,
But as the night draws closer still,
Summer’s sunny skin must cede
To Lady Autumn’s auburn blush.

A farewell to you feels like a farewell to summer,
The end of a time,
A sweet, tender time.