Like Fireworks

Isaac Hollander McCreery, 13 August 2016

What if you could slow down time,
Could hold up a shield to the passing barrage,
Cover yourself from the speed
And in doing so, pause for a moment?

Would you slow it at the pinnacles,
The instants of utter joy
When there is nothing in your heart
Except magic that can’t help
But overflow?

Would you want to take in those sizzling seconds slower,
So the buzz of joy would turn to a crackle,
Or a series of pops like an idling diesel engine,
Or even a sequence of explosions, one by one,
Like fireworks?

Or would you slow it when you’re chest-deep in sorrow,
When there is nothing to do
But feel the crushing pressure,
Bending then breaking your ribcage in?

Would you want to hear the spinning whines of pain a bit longer
Because maybe then it would soften,
And become heaving waves of thought and feeling,
Washing over your feet,
Thorough, but cool?

If you could slow down time
You might discover that
The crackle and expansiveness and
The rushing and enclosure
Really sound and feel
About the same.