The Mediator Reflects

Isaac Hollander McCreery, 21 July 2016

What, but a constant argument
Between our former and future selves?

Whether former self will dare
Consider language worth a share,
Caffeinated or just jolly.
Really, what could be the folly?
Until future self can snear,
And hold its ego dear:
Embarrassed, ugh! Just think:
Bland, worse, worth neither breath nor ink.

Or whether former self dismissed
That idea: “‘Twon’t be missed,
Surely someone’s written most
Of what you see; or it’s just a ghost.”
And then, future self will wish,
That former self was just a bit
Less lazy, more courageous,
Had written, had taken the risk.

And present self, the Mediator,
Common link ‘twixt post and pre.
To decide which thoughts decay or
Spring to life, forever free:
Which will and will not come to light.
‘Cause who else is there to sit to write,
Except the Mediator?