Isaac Hollander McCreery, 13 July 2016

Noxious, sour fumes,
Clouds of bitter and angry earth,
Undead flowers, blooming into the sky.

I sucked them up,
Drank them, breathed them,
Daily bathed and nightly slept in them.

I coughed, choked,
The brades of deaths past wrapped around me,
Strip searched me, and
Left me cut and bleeding.

I vomited.

And then,
With the acrid taste in my mouth,
I looked

My eyes watered and the skin under my young beard burned.
But through the saline and shivers,
Though the shatters and shocks of shells,
I swear to you, on all the clack and rattle of death I’ve ever heard,
That for a brief moment,
Before I wavered and fell,
I saw the sun.